7 Dog Breeds with Eyebrows.

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7 Dog Breeds with Eyebrows

You might be wondering, do dogs have eyebrows? Dog breeds with eyebrows are considerably unique. 

Numerous dogs do possess what look like eyebrows lost somewhere along the fur that covers their entire face.

Although dogs don’t have exact brows, they do have a particular ridge on their eyes. These adorable dogs on our list have markings there, sometimes quite strikingly colored—that maybe classified as eyebrows. 

Experts say that dogs can use their eyebrows to convey a message to their people. A few facial movements can express various dog emotions.

This is based on a study conducted by Miho Nagasawa from Azabu University in Japan. Many animal specialists also say that dogs move their eyebrows when something alarming attracts their attention.

And as per one Australian research, having muscles that enables one to raise eyebrows is a feature of in most animals. 

Here are some dog breeds with eyebrows that you might want to have as companions.

Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is a small, vigorous dog with smooth agility. Moreover, it is one of the dog breeds with eyebrows.

Without physical and mental exercises, Australian Kelpies get jittery and uneasy. This will lead to compulsive, negative responses as they look for outlets to let out excessive energy. 

Trekking, swimming, and walks at the park are great ways to help Australian Kelpies exhaust some of their energy.  A game of hide-and-seek or fetch or puzzle toys are also necessary, as they help your dog exercise. 

Dog Breeds with Eyebrows, Australian Kelpie

These are strong, independent, brilliant and faithful dogs. They are very docile and exceptionally sharp. Moreover, they take well to training, making them a loving family pet. They are great with kids when they are appropriately trained during puppyhood.


Strong and charming, Rottweilers are one of the most  famous breeds in America. They are also adorable dogs with eyebrows. Generally, rottweilers need time to become friendly with outsiders.

However, they are not afraid or shy. They are also devoted and affectionate family companions. 

They are bred to make independent decisions. Other than that, they display protective instincts when their territory is invaded or their owners are threatened.

Rottweilers can also ruthless creatures. They are not ideal for first time pet parents as they demand comprehensive and constant socialization to be excellent household pets. 

Dog Breeds with Eyebrows, Rottweiler

You should be able to command your Rottweiler with authority. This will help mold and shape his character, or else he’ll assume the position of alpha in the family.


Dobermans are acknowledged for their intellect, sharpness, and loyalty to their people. As such, they make for excellent guard dogs.

According to the American Kennel Club, this dog is among those brightest breeds. Moreover, it is recognised as the  5th most intelligent type of dog in the world. 

Dobermans are sociable dogs that are loving and gentle with people if trained and socialized well. They are great with kids, though most Dobermans show favoritism and follow their people closely. 

Dog Breeds with Eyebrows, Doberman

These dogs are ambitious, wise, and sometimes headstrong. With a steady program, they can be trainable and will understand your commands in an instant. Provide him a task and plenty of activities, and you’ll have an exceptional buddy for a lifetime.  It’s necessary to remember that they still tend to show a bit of a destructive nature from time to time.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These are huge dogs with eyebrows. They are beautiful additions to the family and will bond well with kids. Likewise, they’ll get along with other animals, just as long as they are raised with them. Dog lovers admire the Berners’ intellect and the loyalty they show their owners. 

Dog Breeds with Eyebrows, Bernese Mountain Dog

Having a working lineage, they like the challenge of acquiring new skills, and commands. Their guard instincts are still prevalent, making them a great watchdog. Due to their imposing physique, they must be trained at an early age to make them compliant family pets. 

And since Bernese Mountain Dogs can grow fast and are remarkably energetic, they are typically not that suitable for little kids and older people.


Pugs are likable small friendly dogs with amazing personalities. People may first be drawn by these dogs’ odd looks, though they are soon charmed by his temperament.

They are very friendly dogs who like spending time with their owners. Often, they tend to follow someone from room to room.  That aside, they are easy-going pets who are not inclined to extreme biting, digging, and barking.

They are pretty happy cuddling on your lap and resting. Additionally, they will not hesitate to jump into your bed. 

Dog Breeds with Eyebrows, Pug

Pugs are known for being challenging to housetrain. They are easily affected by the pitch of your voice, so severe discipline is needless. They want a patient owner, determined, positive, and consistent with the practices.

German Shepherd

With their daring, bright, and good-hearted character, it’s not surprising that the German Shepherd is much loved.

This breed has tried out every job imaginable, from herding stock, nursing the sick, leading the blind to serving in the armed forces, sniffing out illegal drugs, and bringing down fleeing criminals. 

They are giant dogs with distinct and shapely muscular physiques. It makes them robust and quick.

German Shepherds also make extremely reliable guard dogs. However, don’t forget that they are also excellent pets in the right family. 

Dog Breeds with Eyebrows, German Shepherd

They are likewise great with kids and other animals if they are introduced to them as a puppy. In line with their guarding drives, they are likely to be wary of guests and strangers. As such, they are not the kind of family companion who’ll make visitors feel accepted.

Gordon Setter

The heaviest and largest of the setter breeds, Gordon Setters are also the most intelligent, and attentive of the species. These beautiful yet sturdy dogs with eyebrows also enjoy daily walks, trekking, and fieldwork as a general exercise. 

Dog Breeds with Eyebrows, Gordon Setter

Definitely, the Gordon Setter’s personality makes this dog a sought-after family companion. They can be excellent buddies for children, provided the kids are caring and considerate.

They get along with their family and are wary of outsiders until they sense that the newcomer can be trusted.

Gordon Setters do have a headstrong nature that has to be controlled by an experienced dog parent.

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