Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes?

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Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes

Can dogs eat mashed potatoes? Let’s see.

Mashed potatoes are among America’s top comfort foods. Well, everybody loves to eat them, from babies to the much older generation.  And considering we enjoy this hearty and almost healthy food, you may wonder if dogs can eat mashed potatoes as well? Can we also share this dish with our pets? 

Yes, dogs can eat mashed potatoes, though, in small servings only. It is not advised that you serve a large amount of this food, which may lead to fatality. 

This is because dogs have a much more complex digestive tract compared to our own. As such, their nutritional diet is vastly different from ours. Now and then, foods that are acceptable for people can be dangerous for dogs. 

Is It Safe For Dogs To Eat Mashed Potatoes?

Yes, dogs can safely eat Mashed Potatoes. White potatoes are considered healthy for dogs, Moreover, there are even numerous health benefits when ingested moderately. Unseasoned Mashed Potatoes are both cholesterol and fat-free and loaded with some vital minerals and vitamins. 

These range from Vitamin C, Vitamin B, to magnesium. Additionally, they also carry a high amount of folate and potassium, which, along with minerals and vitamins, help boost the dog’s immune. Other than that, they also improve the dog’s nervous system, helping them integrate other nutrients. 

Additionally, mashed potatoes contain a huge deal of fiber. This regulates blood sugar, reduces cholesterol, and improves your pet’s digestive system. High-fiber diets also metabolize slowly, keeping your dog feeling stuffed for the entire day. 

However, just because a certain food is safe for a dog, doesn’t mean that you should automatically offer it to your dog. 

Is mashed potatoes safe for Dog

Ingredients in Mashed Potatoes

While mashed potatoes aren’t clearly dangerous or harmful to dogs, they aren’t exactly beneficial either. Common ingredients added to prepare mashed potatoes include butter, milk, and garlic. Evidently, they can lead to several health problems. 

Dairy Products

Milk and butter are typically added to mashed potatoes since they enhance flavor and texture. 

Several dogs suffer from lactose intolerance, causing them to develop many problems. These include abdominal issues like flatulence, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea; coupled with allergic reactions, including skin responses or even respiratory problems. 

The cases may vary depending on your dog’s intolerance to milk. If he/she gorges on mashed potatoes and starts to show some signs of lactose intolerance, you must call your vet right away. 

Gravy and Sour Cream

Gravy carries an abundance of sodium. Consuming foods high in sodium will cause your dog to be extremely dehydrated. This signifies that his kidney would need to do a couple of additional work to remove the unnecessary sodium, which is toxic and can be detrimental.

Because of these, plain mashed potatoes are somewhat healthy food for your dog, but must be served in moderation.

Can Dogs Eat Instant Mashed Potatoes?

When the single ingredient included in the packet of instant mashed potatoes is potato flakes and nothing else, then your pet will be okay. However, if it contains many other ingredients, that’s a different matter; you should never feed them instant mashed potatoes. 

The brand you find in most groceries have harmful ingredients like sodium. Ingesting a high amount of salt can lead to sodium ion toxicity, among many other issues. 

Instant mashed potatoes also contain many added spices, such as garlic and chives, which are considered poisonous to our pets. 

If your dog has coincidentally consumed a substantial serving, you should keep an eye for any odd symptoms like:

  •         Vomiting
  •         Fatigue
  •         Diarrhea
  •         Lethargy
  •         Confusion 

Seek professional help immediately if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms.

Can Dog eat instant potatoes

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Mashed Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative for your pup compared to white ones. They have lots of vitamins, including vitamin A, B6 and C. 

Since some canines are not used to the taste of sweet potatoes, it is practical to start with small amounts in order to gauge their reactions. This is also crucial because of their high fiber content.

What are the Possible Side Effects if My Dog Consumes Mashed Potatoes?

Consuming too many carbs will bring about medical conditions for your furry friend. 

But since more commercial dog foods are made up of carbohydrates, these dogs can manage the amount of added carbs in mashed potatoes without experiencing severe effects.

Due to this, eating mashed potatoes will not affect their health adversely. Otherwise, when your dog consumes seasoned mashed potatoes, it may develop stomach distress. And he may be sensitive to the ingredients added to the dish. Manifestations of an allergic reaction would include:

  •         Sneezing
  •         Watery eyes
  •         Coughing
  •         Excessive scratching
  •         Licking at lips or paws
  •         Swelling

How To Prepare Mashed Potatoes for Your Dogs?

Potatoes are safe for your dog, though not fundamentally healthy. Nevertheless, it can still be a good treat for them occasionally. 

With regards to preparing mashed potatoes for your dogs, boiling peeled potatoes is the best option. Never add salt or any spices or serve with butter, milk, or cheese. Ensure that the mashed potatoes are plain so as to ensure your dog is eating healthy.  

Make sure you cook the potatoes well since raw potatoes have toxins that cause abdominal discomfort. Peeling the potatoes is likewise crucial. A few potato skins are alright, though they have oxalates, which can cause kidney failures. 

As with any other treat, too much of something can be damaging to your pet’s body. Keep potatoes as a rare occasional treat, and do not overindulge your pet.

 mashed potato for Dogs


We started the article by asking ourselves whether dogs can eat mashed potatoes. Here is what we know. White potatoes aren’t poisonous to dogs.

At the same time, giving a small serving of plain, unseasoned mash potato to your dog will not cause any harm.

Starchy carbs have small nutritional benefits to your dog; therefore, it’s best to stick to them as an occasional treat. And if it’s a treat, then it’s not an alternative for a dog’s daily diet; don’t replace the essentials of a decent meal.

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