Can a Dog and a Cat Mate and Have a Baby?

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Can a Dog and a Cat Mate and Have a Baby

The question as to whether cats and dogs can mate is a strange one. We will answer it anyway. Among the weirdest things about dogs is their propensity to mount everything. Dogs will mount appliances, your stuffed toys, even your legs, and anything else that isn’t moving.

This, unfortunately includes other family members, like your kids and other pets, such as your cat. 

In short, breeding dogs and cats is  considered impossible. The two animals are part of two distinct species. However, they can mate with mammals that belong to their species. Let’s examine why dogs and cats are not able to mate.

Can A Dog And Cat Mate?

No, a dog and a cat cannot mate and have offspring. They are two distinct species and have many differences in their genome. Hence, it is impossible.

Cats belong to the Felidae family, while dogs are members of the Canidae family. However, there are some similarities between the two pets in terms of their reproductive mechanisms. In particular, both cats and dogs experience heat several times a year.

Additionally, they have a gestation period of approximately 66 days and may have an average of four to six puppies or kittens. 

Can A Dog And Cat Mate

Nevertheless, if you own a cat and a dog, you might notice the pup mounting your feline from time to time at random.  Because of this, you must not assume that dogs and cats can have intimate relations even if they are in the same home.

Can a Dog and a Cat Mate and Have a baby?

The mating mechanisms in dogs and cats are different. Granted that dogs and cats could have babies, they have the slightest chance of survival due to different DNA combinations. 

First, let’s first define Hybrid DNA. According to ScienceDirect, Hybrid DNA is created from correlative single DNA strands from two distinct parent samples. The parent samples should correspond with one another; in other words, they should be from the same species as the very least.

Thus, animals who are different though still from the same species, such as donkeys and horses, or lions and tigers, have the equivalent series of base pairs. This suggests a hybrid is conceivable. 

Dogs possess 78 chromosomes, whereas cats have 38 chromosomes. As much as they could interbreed, any offspring of a dog and cat would no doubt be barren, such as mules and ligers. 

More importantly, dogs demonstrate boundless reformation of their DNA while cats’ chromosomes are extremely limited. This means that the similar genes in a dog and cat can’t proficiently link when the egg and sperm meet, and no possible offspring could be born. 

Additionally, cats are recognized for having a barbed penis, and female dogs’ sex organs can’t handle such organs. The egg cell of every animal has a layer that the gamete has to push past to inseminate the ovum. 

A feline’s sperm is not strong enough to move through the film in order to impregnate a dog’s egg cell. Two distinct species cannot accomplish this act. 

Besides, male cats are solely drawn to female cats because of their sound and scent. This also applies to male dogs, who, will solely seek their female companions. Dogs won’t have a thing for felines. 

These are the reasons dogs and cats can’t mate and have offspring in a realistic sense. But because of the breakthrough in technology, such an event could potentially occur in a lab sometime in the future.

Can a Dog and a Cat Mate and Have a baby

Why Do Dogs Try to Mate Cats?

Dogs are dogs, and humping (mounting) is partly intuition and acquired behavior. Aove all, it is perfectly natural for dogs. Below are some reasons behind dogs mounting other animals, such as your cat.

  • A demonstration of dominance – Aggressive dog tends to mount cats to show who is the alpha.
  • Play – Cats and dogs can be buddies, and they’ll usually play together. Odds are, this mounting act is just friendly behavior. According to some specialists, playtime provides dogs the chance to practice movements that someday they might use for survival.
  • Stress – It may also occur when the dog and cat can’t seem to bond. It also happens when a canine is bored or overexcited. The behavior allows a release of emotion.
  • Masturbation – Masturbation and mounting are part of a dog’s sexual instinct. Some spayed dogs continue to mount since it gives them satisfaction.
  • Health concerns Priapism, UTI, urinary incontinence, and even allergies can trigger mounting to seek relief. These health diseases, if without treatment, will not heal on their own and can lead to other health illnesses like renal colic and hot spots. 

Consequently, cats are usually irritated and angered by the behavior. It often leads to a cat hissing at the dog or striking with its claws. And they might end up hurting each other, so you must keep an eye on this behavior even during playtime.

This is particularly crucial if you observe your dog displaying this kind of behaviour frequently. Look after and care for your dog all the time.

Solutions or Ways to Help Your Dog

Try to divert your dog’s attention when you see that he is eager to mount your cat or anything else. Some clues that your dog is getting ready to hump include:

  • Panting
  • Licking
  • Pawing 

Call your dog and say “stop” firmly. If your dog stops mounting when you say the ‘magic word,’ give him a treat to encourage him to listen to you.

In case the behavior persists, you must leave your pets apart in the meantime. Keep him confined for about one to three minutes until he’s cooled off. 

If you have difficulty separating your dog and cat, seek the help of a licensed trainer. These experts are knowledgeable about these behaviors, and they’ll be able to assist you.

Shifting a dog’s energy is the solution to preventing this disturbing habit. 

Please speak to or consult your vet if you think your dog’s mounting is linked to a certain physical disease or an obsession.

CatDog Hybrid Look Like

In a joint experiment of Massey University (New Zealand), the University of California (Davis), and Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine proclaimed that it had bred the world’s first genuine cat-dog hybrid. 

Cat Dog Hybrid Look Like

Dr. Kwiecie Zywnoci, the scientist who led the ventures, boastfully published images of their Pug dog and Siamese cat crossbreed, the Kotpies. It has the body of a cat, with a snout and the eyes of a dog. This hybrid has gone through profound DNA examination and has been approved as a cat-dog hybrid.

What About Cats? Do They Try To Mate With Dogs?

It’s not only canines that give people the thought that dogs and cats might be able to have offspring. Cats are also responsible, but it’s usually much more complex than sheer humping. Hormones are a potent element, and a female feline in heat will behave rather bizarrely, such as attempting to “flaunt” themselves in the presence of a dog.

Why Do Dogs Try to Mate Cats

Do Cats lock up like dogs when mating?

Locking or tieing in dogs during mating is normal. However, cats and other mammals don’t do this as part of their mating ritual. The dog’s male organ swells and forms a knot within the female’s genital part during this phase of mating. This binds them together, meaning that the female will not be able to  withdraw.


Dogs and cats can have a good relationship while living in the same family. However, it does not mean that they will participate in sexual activities. 

They can’t have offspring together. The only chance they could possibly reproduce one day is through genetic engineering. However, is producing hybrids something we even want?

Dogs and cats are both gorgeous and lovable pets, and we must cherish and adore them unbiasedly.

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