7 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails.

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7 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails

Dogs use their tails for all kinds of reasons. For instance, their tails help them keep their balance. Other than that, they also keep a running dog on track when he changes direction. The dog’s tail is also a communicative mechanism used to tell its owners how they feel. 

Tails come in all shapes and sizes- straight, taper, brush, whip, sickle, and even curly. Our focus will be on dogs whose tails are slightly curly. Here are seven (7) of our beloved dogs with curly tails.


The Basenji is a dog with a distinct curly tail. Wrinkles on their forehead give these dogs a perplexed look. Their coat is evenly short and fine in texture. White legs are also standard, usually with a streak and band as well. 

Basenjis are energetic and always attentive. They don’t bark, but tend to “yodel” and growl when disturbed. While it may not keep invaders at bay, their sound will still alert you if they notice something they believe is questionable. 

 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails, Basenji

These dogs are incredibly watchful and can sit next to windows for a long time. They can be friendly with other dogs, though they can be aggressive from time to time. Interestingly, they have even been described as cat-like.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are known for their disposition, confidence, and triangular eyes. Famous for their fox-like appearance, Shiba Inus like being outdoors, especially in cold weather. They have been deemed the most popular dogs in Japan. Countless people become smitten with their cuteness; however, they are unqualified to deal with their grandiose personalities. 

 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails, Shiba Inu

They are stubborn about training and tough to raise, especially since they are very independent. Shibas are fond of marking their territory just about everywhere and tend to be possessive. They are also pretty smart, and will not do what you want them to without making a fuss.

However, if appropriately raised by a reliable pet parent, they are typically docile and very loving. Shiba Inus love having their owners nearby.


The Samoyed is a fun-loving dog with a curly tail. He likes strenuous outdoor activity, particularly during the cold season. A Samoyed with an insanely white coat is a marvelous sight. The fur covers their entire body, granting a fluffy look to the Samoyed. 

 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails, Samoyed

Extremely loving, carefree, companionable, and somewhat lively, the Samoyed loves everybody. His approach toward outsiders varies from welcoming to more modest yet acquainted and friendly. He is very kind as a watchdog, but Samoyed’s bark will inform you of the presence of unknown faces. 

While they are often eager to please you, Samoyeds are very smart but usually stubborn. Although sometimes strong-willed, most importantly, they stay loyal, warm, and loving family companions.


Known as Silent Hunters, Akita is a robust and rugged dog with a curly tail curled against the flank. All Akitas have a unique pattern, including all-white, pinto, and brindle. The story of Hachikō, the greatest and most loved Akita in history, helped promote the Akita toward the global dog world. 

The Akita doesn’t withdraw from battles and doesn’t get terrified quickly. This dog is loving and protective and requires a strong-minded owner and regular exercise. He bonds well with kids and likes spending time with his family. 

 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails, Akita

The Akita can get along well with familiar children and enjoys spending time with his family. And since this dog has become so attached to his family, he is likely to get jealous if you pay more attention to another pet. According to the AKC breed conviction, Akita is quite vicious with other dogs of the same sex.

Finnish Spitz

Like the Shiba Inu, the Finnish Spitz also has a fox-like appearance and a curly tailto boot. Their double coat, comprising a harsh straight outer coat and short soft undercoat, gives cover against cold and snow. 

The Finnish Spitz is affectionate and homely. The dog is devoted to his owners, cheerful yet gentle with kids, and is usually amiable with other pets. Though he is loving towards his family, he can be reserved with strangers.

The Finnish Spitz is an excellent watchdog and will warn you if something is wrong though he is typically extroverted and submissive. 

 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails, Finnish Spitz

This curled-tail dog doesn’t want to be alone, and due to his mega-sensitive character, he doesn’t thrive in a stressful setting or with loud noises. He also requires early training as he is not fond of being tested and challenged.

Chow Chow

Chow chow is regarded as among the oldest breeds and is genetically related to the wolf clan. Two of the most distinctive features of this dog are its blue-black tongue and heavy coat that form a thick ruff around the neck, giving it a lion-like appearance. 

 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails, Chow Chow

Chow chows are not often friendly, cheerful dogs. They are likely to be timid with unknowns and can be argumentative with other canines. Regardless, they are incredibly devoted and have boundless affection for their families. Though they won’t like being pampered, they will stick and focus their attention on their chosen individual. 

First-time pet owners need to note: These dogs require tolerance and repetition, and you may have to do several things on their conditions.

American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo dogs are pretty smart and are first raised as watchdogs. Their adorable expressions and sharp mind immediately gained them a position in shows and skit performances. They are trainable and usually on the top spots in trick dog shows and obedience and agility trials. 

 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails, American Eskimo

American Eskimos have a territorial instinct and are powerful barkers if their families are threatened. He practices his watchdog roles seriously, but he isn’t extremely aggressive. They are generally suspicious of outsiders; however, once acquainted with them, they become immediate companions. These talkative dogs with curly tails and alert ears are cheerful and naughty. 

The American Eskimo Dog makes a lovely, energetic pet for a single-person house or a house with a large family.

Wrap Up

A curled tail is unique. There is just something about a dog with a curly tail – it’s grandiose and a superb feature that even non-canine individuals will take the time to stop and be smitten with them.

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