7 Dog Breeds With Beards

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7 Dog Breeds with Beard

Some of the larger-than-life dog breeds flaunt goatees and beards that resemble their human counterparts. In fact, for several of our furry companions, it’s a distinctive feature that singles them out from other breeds. 

If you’re searching and want to have dogs with beards, you’ll be happy to see our list and learn about their unique appeals and interests. Take a look at these 7 dog breeds with beards.

Bearded Collie

Given their incredible energy and agility, Bearded Collies are very active. As such, they are fit to participate in various dog sports.

Moreover, they’re incredibly loving and can even make great companions for first-time dog owners. These dogs with beards are cheerful and intelligent. However, they need plenty of exercise.

Dog Breeds with Beard, Bearded Collie

Bearded collies are recognized as “dogs of changing colors” since most of them possess fading genomes. Puppies are born dark, and their coat lightens as they grow old. They have huge, expressive eyes and have distinct facial features, covering most of their muzzle.

However, underneath their furry appeal and gentle personality exists an independent, sporty pooch with a curious mind. 

Bearded collies are friendly and animated; typically never timid or hostile, instead, possessing a conscious and strong character. They’ll be an energetic, bright, sprucely bubble family member! In exchange, she demands to be groomed.

Airedale Terrier

This is another breed of dog with a beard. Airedale Terriers are the largest of the terriers and are known as the King of the Terriers.

They are stable and loving dogs and great protectors of the owners and home. Airedale Terriers are entertainers; they’re comedic breeds to share as they have wittiness. At first, they are a bit reserved to outsiders and require early training and socialization.

Airedales are extremely smart but a little independent and stubborn; gentle discipline is needed during puppyhood. 

Dog Breeds with Beard, Airedale Terrier

This sporty dog frolics and plays tough. Without strenuous activity and ample human engagements, he gets bored easily and may manifest roughness while trying to distract himself. They are particularly rowdy and can transform your backyard into a land of holes. 

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terriers are also dogs with beards. They additionally possess the small, stocky physique of a terrier. Scotties are assertive, lively, vigilant, and territorial, maybe much less than other terriers.

As young dogs, they’re sociable and fun-loving; when they mature, they become daring, energetic, and stable, and charming, with more prominent autonomy than most breeds. Their behavior can also be characterized as moody. 

Dog Breeds with Beard, Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier also demands training, along with plenty of patience. However, compared to other terriers, Scotties are incredibly independent. They are usually sensitive despite being stubborn and independent. If left alone, they are likely to bark and dig.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is a bright, energetic, vigorous, and funny dog. Moreover, it has a fantastic air of self-importance.  Their relatively human look also draws more attention to them.

Dog Breeds with Beard, Brussels Griffon

Griffons prefer to believe they rule the house. However, at heart, they’re sweet and want to have the continuous care and love of their family.

Their build and sensitivity make them inappropriate dogs for a household with little kids. They can be challenging to housetrain and may develop separation anxiety.

These dogs with beards need combing and brushing at least two times a  week. And as with all brachycephalic dogs, Brussels griffons are prone to several respiratory diseases.

German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointers are affectionate and eager canines that make clever hunting companions. However, they’re also excellent companions for households that can match their energy levels. 

If you take a German wirehaired pointer into your home, brace yourself for a world of faithful companionship: They desire human engagement and will usually follow a member of the family like a shadow.

But with guests, their approach can vary from reserved to quite suspicious. These dogs are quick to strange sounds and territorial; hence, making them excellent watchdogs. 

Dog Breeds with Beard, German Wirehaired Pointer

Wirehairs are intelligent, and training might be a piece of cake for them. And if they become sick of it, they’ll get tired, so keep the training sessions exciting and satisfying. 

Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer has the mind of a hunter trapped in a small frame. In recent years, the breed has grown into a friendly, faithful, and protective family pet. 

Miniature schnauzers have something that can be beneficial; however, they can be difficult to control for the inexperienced or poorly equipped parent. They are loving dogs and as soon as you gain their trust, expect to be followed constantly by this bearded dog breed. 

Dog Breeds with Beard, Miniature Schnauzerr

They are extremely cheerful breeds, and, if not given enough exercise, they may invent their own past-time such as shredding paper or nibbling furniture. They also possess a high prey impulse, which means they may chase small animals.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apsos are small, sturdy dogs with beards. They are lively and loyal breeds that are loving to their owners. These dogs can adjust to most living spaces, including condos, suitable for first-time dog owners. They become wary of outsiders and may not be great with kids. 

Their sharp intellect and independent personality can make them troublesome to train. But if well trained and socialized, they can bond well with other dogs, with a bit of dominance. 

With all that fur, you can assume that brushing a Lhasa Apso dog could quickly transform into a casual duty. It’s crucial to take note that your Lhasa Apso’s hair is delicate and predisposed to knots and tangles.

Dog Breeds with Beard, Lhasa Apso

 Dogs with beards are absolutely adorable! Having any breed of these dogs is exciting, though a considerable amount of responsibility is needed to keep them happy, fit, and healthy. Many popular dogs can get a beard, and it is only a subject of proper grooming to maintain their stunning and hunky beards.

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