25 Dogs With Floppy Ears

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25 Dogs With Floppy Ears

Dog ears come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. One feature that dog lovers find adorable and charming with regards to dogs are their floppy ears. They’re delightful to look at when they run, and those ears are remarkably soft. 

If you love those with long, droopy ears, these 25 amazing dogs with will capture your attention.

Cocker Spaniel

A perfect option for families, Cocker Spaniels are incredibly loving and are easy to train. They are cheerful, intelligent, and energetic. Moreover, they enjoy any form of physical activity, and show curiosity wherever they go. Their floppy ears are part of their appeal, though they could cause health issues.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Cocker Spaniel


Generally gentle and lovable, Bloodhounds can be used to track animals, or by police officers during search-and-rescue operations. They are great trackers due to their wrinkled skin and floppy ears, characteristics that help enhance their sense of smell. These dogs are remarkably suitable with kids and is known to be incredibly patient with babies who climb atop them.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Bloodhound

Basset hound

Basset Hounds are dogs with floppy ears, sturdy bodies, and short limbs. They are affectionate, lively, and cheerful canines. Typically, this breed is very patient with kids and other animals. Bassets are great trackers, though they enjoy cuddling just as much. However, basset hounds are not easy to train as they are slightly headstrong.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Basset Hound


Beagles are good-natured, playful dogs who need lots of exercise and interaction with their humans. They are usually defined as having a lively personality, though they are likewise recognized for their naughty character.  They are first on the list for excessive barking and can be challenging to train and potty train. And since they tend to bark, beagles can make excellent watchdogs.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Beagle

Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound is famous for its elegant, silky long coat which can come in almost any color. This dog was also bred to hunt and run, so it can be stubborn,  reserved and fearless. They also have a high prey drive and may clash with smaller pets. But they can also be very playful most of the time.

Dogs With Floppy Ears. Afghan Hound

Black and Tan Coonhound

Black and tan coonhounds are affectionate family dogs with floppy ears. This canine can make an exceptional pet for individuals who like a dog with an independent personality and wittiness. At home, Coonhounds tend to be calm, cheerful, and good-natured.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Black and Tan Coonhound


Dachshunds are small lap dogs with strong personalities. Regardless of their size, they are daring, protective and will challenge animals significantly bigger than themselves.  They are also lively, affectionate, and great with children.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Dachsund

Cavalier King Spaniel

Small, gentle, and very easygoing, the Cavalier King Spaniel is a popular choice for most people. This is because of its ability to adapt immediately to just about any living condition. They are intelligent and brave, though do not make for excellent watchdogs. Although they sometimes bark, they are overly friendly with strangers.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Cavalier King Spaniel


The Havanese dog breeds have gained countless dog lovers with their long, soft coats and adorable size. These dogs with floppy ears are easy to train and surprisingly lively. Havanese can learn tricks and can be on different dog shows. They are exceptional family companions and can bond well with kids and other pets.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Havanese


Poodles are considered to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds in existence. They are admired for their quick ability to learn new tricks and commands. Moreover, they are also not aggressive, though they make great watchdogs. They typically bark to inform you of anything suspicious. Additionally, they are cheerful, energetic, and playful dogs who have a great sense of humor.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Poodle

Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is the strongest and heaviest in the setter breed. These dogs also have floppy ears, which, give them an overall expression of grace and character. They are very devoted to their family and wary of strangers, making them great watchdogs. Gordons are intelligent, though they can be pretty stubborn; hence, obedience training is a must.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Gordon Setter

Golden Retriever

One of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, Golden Retrievers have a sweet personalities and are friendly, devoted pups. This makes them a great addition to the family. Golden Retrievers are smart, patient, and compliant with their families. Their playful nature typically attracts other people’s attention, and they can bond well with strangers and other pets.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Golden Retriever

Irish Setter

The beautiful Irish Setter has been defined as a carefree, easy-going, funny, unpredictable, temperamental, and expressive. They are ameanable to training, though, if left alone, will go running around the compound or dig and chew constantly. If you want a dog with a high-energy level, the Irish Setter might be the perfect dog for you.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Irish Setter

Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin is a classic and charming, gentle, and fun-loving breed. They have a brilliant expression and a clear Oriental look. This dog is also sensitive, although a bit independent. A Japanese Chin will make you giggle all the time and may surprise you with their quirkiness.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Japanese Chin

Spinone Italiano

Another dogs with floppy ears are the Spinoni Italiani; they love their human and always want to spend time with them. The Spinone is friendly, robust, and known for its unique look. Moreover, they also display a happy attitude to life, even though they look a bit grumpy. The spinone is also a devoted and obedient friend, making an excellent pet companion.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Spinone Italiano

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is an exceptionally sturdy, composed, and benevolent dog. This dog is docile and friendly, and can even put up with other pets and the robust nature of other children. Other than their likable personality, they also show an enthusiasm to please their humans, making them very trainable.

Dogs with floppy ears, Labrador Retriever


Weimaraners have a distinct silver-grey coat. They are strong and rowdy, which means that they need to be watched when around children. But when given adequate physical and mental exercise, Weimaraners make friendly and affectionate companions. These dogs are also loyal, bright, and lively. Moreover, with their alertness, they make excellent guard dogs if their families and territory are threatened.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Weimaraner 


The Salukis are aloof dogs and can be timid, given that they are not used to interacting with other people. They are extremely sensitive canines, meaning they have to be trained and handled by someone with experience.

This faithful dog can display a sense of favoritism, which means that they may attach themselves to one person. Moreover, they are great with children who are not too rough with them.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Saluki

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard has an amiable and carefree nature. His good-natured and gentle bloodline is what makes him an excellent therapy dog nowadays. Additionally, they are friendly and approachable and are perceived to be extremely calm and docile around kids. Other than that, they are devoted to their owners and are eager to please but at their leisure.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Saint Bernard


Phalene is a variant of Papillon – they are Papillon dogs with floppy ears. Like most lapdogs, they completely enjoy being around people and cannot stand being alone for extended periods. Phalenes are brilliant and recognized for their ability to learn and pick up new tricks quickly. But they can also be aloof with strangers.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Phalene

Picardy Spaniel

Seeing a Picardy Spaniel for the first time, you may assume that you are staring at a smaller variant of an English Setter. They are obedient, warm, energetic, and incredibly loving. Though most renowned for their hunting skill, they are adaptable dogs that dont mind trying a variety of activities, and mingling with other humans and animals.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Picardy Spaniel


The Otterhound is an amiable, rowdy, giant hairy dog breed. They are also fun-loving dogs who are devoted to their families. He loves the company of people and other pets and is great with adult kids. But they require lots of exercises to tame their high energy level. Their response to strangers can also vary from welcoming to aloof. Most of the time, they make for excellent watchdogs, though not guard dogs.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Otterhound

English Setter

English setters are known as the “gentlemen of the dog world.” They are stunning, affectionate, and devoted friends. Moreover, they are also gentle and sensitive and like to share and receive love. They are exceptional with children as they are warm, cheerful and patient.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, English Setter

Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel is more relaxed and poised than other spaniel dogs with floppy ears. However, they have a very dry sense of humor. We should also point out that they can be quite passive and calm; though, they become lively upon the sight or smell of birds. Additionally, they have a territorial nature, and always keep their big, pitiful eyes on their owners to ensure everything is in order.

Dogs With Floppy Ears, Sussex Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels are highly energetic but also highly affectionate. They can bond well with other animals and can adapt to different environments. These enthusiastic and cheerful dogs have high exercise demands, though they also like to unwind with their owners. They’re excellent companions when you go camping and hiking.Dogs With Floppy Ears, English Springer Spaniel


Dogs with floppy ears are extremely cute and cuddly. There are far more dogs with those ears nowadays, and our list is only a brief collection. Those dogs are friendly and warm, making them as affectionate as they appear. It’s about time you begin to think of having one of these dogs as a family companion. 

And if you own a floppy-eared dog, make sure you groom his ears frequently to keep them clean and healthy.

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